The purpose of LCHF eating is to stop and reverse the conditions that raise insulin levels (driving metabolic disease & weight gain etc).

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1 - Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) is NOT a high protein diet. Eating more than 30% of your food as protein can cause a metabolic response that converts the excess protein into triglycerides that gets stored into your fat cells.
2 - Understanding what is "REAL FOOD" is often difficult and/or confusing. If it has a label on it, your alert button should go off as it most often is a "processed product" with negligible nutrition value.
3 - Most people (and media sources) are still uninformed on the dangers of sugar, grains & seed oils, so you must expect they will disregard and/or scuttle your efforts to improve your nutrition intake.
4 - Read every label when buying food items. You will be shocked to actually know how much sugar (and carbs) are in manufactured foods as well as fruits that you buy. Remember that 4 grams = 1 teaspoon when reading sugar content.
5 - Low Carb High Fat is a lifestyle change, not just a way to lose weight. It is best to try to eliminate carbs/sugar for the first few months in order for you to best understand the benefits of the diet. After you can gradually add in a few carbs (very carefully) to your diet if your body can tolerate them. This will vary from person to person. In my case I try to stay away from all processed carb sources as well as fruit because the benefits outweigh the temptations of carb heavy foods such as pasta, potatoes & sweets.
6 - Eat more than just the lean meat when you consume animal products. The fat and skin as well as the offal (liver, kidneys, organs etc) are nutrient rich foods not to be missed. Chicken legs and wings (dark meat) are healthier choices than breast meat.


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