Like the tobacco industry of years gone by, sugar companies have now been exposed to have manipulated science reporting and media to confuse the nutrition study results to further their business interest.

Sugar Mill in St Croix, Virgin islands 1734

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Sugar was only introduced (in volume) into our Western diets around 300 years ago. Prior to that it was extremely expensive, at one point more valuable than gold. By 1750 sugar surpassed grain as the most valuable commodity in European trade.

Sugar consumption over the last 300 years (source - AJCN)
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Sugar consumption (UK & USA older males shown in graph) has risen from around 1-2 kilo's annually per person in 1700 to over 50 kilo's (220 lb) in 2000. There are similar growth patterns for many Western nations. Note the solid dotted line showing the resulting obesity well over 40% in year 2000.

Western world population are especially heavy sugar users
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Sugar is added or found in most of the processed food we currently eat.
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What about "Natural Sugar"? You're thinking its gotta be safe to eat. Well….it is not any different from regular sugar in its effect on elevating your glycemic (blood sugar) levels.

Sugar Association Confidential Document 1975


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Food processing industry relies on confusing us by using many of the alternate terms for sugar.

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Bottom line is that sugar is a toxic substance that we have not had any historical dietary experience with for most of our
history (less than .02% of human existence).

Aug 1, 2016 -
For more details on the checkered story of sugar, check out "The Sugar Conspiracy" article posted in the Guardian News.


On The Lighter Side…..
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