What you eat is not necessarily what gets ingested (what goes into your blood stream).

The BAD - Refined (ground) grains are ingested as sugar, raising your blood sugar & insulin levels.
The GOOD - Fibre bound carbohydrates are ingested and converted with the help of your gut microbes to medium chain fatty acids (fat) in the colon.

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The most healthful carbohydrates are those left with fiber where nature puts them: in whole grains, beans, nuts and other seeds, vegetables and fruits. The most harmful carbohydrates are foods made from refined (from grinding, pulverizing & extracting etc) carbohydrates : flour, white rice or milled corn, fruit juices and all extracted sugars. For more details check out the article by Dr Gabe Mirkin "Why Whole Grains Are Healthful".

Note - I personally believe most grains (especially wheat & similar grains) are best avoided.


On The Lighter Side…..

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