2 million years of evolution has been recently derailed in just 39 years.

Well intentioned, but incorrect dietary advise that arose in the early 1980's has been devastating to our population.
Yes, we've been getting sick and fat by following the recent guidelines that recommend refined carbohydrates to be the majority of our food intake. Humans have evolved over 2.3 million years with diets composed mainly of fats and protein with smaller portions of carbohydrates in their whole food (unrefined) form for 99.6% of our existence (see chart below).

Generations (~ 30 years) in the Evolution of Humanity **
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So what approach works best? There are a number of diet improvements that are referenced here, but the 3 things that are doing the most damage are illustrated below:

Added Sugar In Our Food
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Seed Oils


The problem is:

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Simplistically you could say the main toxic foods we eat are sugar, carbohydrates (usually eaten as refined/ground grains) and seed oils (polyunsaturated as well as oils hydrogenated to become dangerous trans fats). Yes, there are other factors to consider for better nutritional health and this blog touches on a number of them.

OK, you say….I'm not concerned with a few extra kilo's around my belly. Well, it's much more about the unseen health issues related to the high intake of carbohydrate food that results in excess weight and overall body damage. These health issues include type II diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, fatty liver disease etc.

The bulk of the packaged, processed foods found in supermarkets are not real "food" at all, but cheap concoctions of subsidized farm crops and chemicals manipulated to taste and look edible.


Even if you are of normal weight, diets high in grains & sugar (carbohydrates) can make you TOFI (thin outside-fat inside).

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Cancer cases have risen dramatically over the past 45 years as detailed in the above graph. As the main cause of cancer is metabolic disfunction, it is now imperative that we look more closely at preventing this disease rather than treating the symptoms with limited success that has been the case up to now. For more information on the cause and latest knowledge on cures for cancer, see the section "Advanced Knowledge" of this website.

Diabetes in Canada has doubled in just 8 years! (source - Vancouver Sun)
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Pasted Graphic

Obesity along with associated diabetes disease continues to climb to new highs in most of the Western world (with the possible exception of Sweden with their official adoption of LCHF).

Insulin Resistance is the protective measure our bodies cells take to deal with high level carb load in the typical Western diet
Excess carbohydrates are the root cause behind insulin resistance that results in the vicious cycle as depicted above. Fortunately this problem can be easily corrected with proper "real food" substituted back into our diet. Read more about this in the report from Dr Jason Fung & Dr Andreas Eenfeldt

So called "Cheerios Protein" turns out to have 17 times the amount of sugar as the original Cheerios

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Typical story of many food processing companies as they try to position their products as "healthy food" . General Mills (maker of Cheerios) is now being sued by the Center For Science In The Public Interest, citing misleading labelling and false advertising (check out the story here).

Mar 23, 2019 - The Shame of Cereal Manufacturers Now Adding MORE Sugar To Their Junk Food - Story here at FoodDive.com

Vegetable oils/fat consumption in USA has closely followed the USDA guidelines with disastrous results
Feb 19, 2017 - The directive to lower animal fat & saturated fat from our diets (along with increased refined carbohydrates) has resulted in the health mess we are in at this time. More information on this subject by Nina Teichholz on her website "The Big Fat Surprise"


A recent McMaster University study of more than 135,000 people in 18 countries found that eating a moderate amount of all types of fat is linked to a reduced risk of early mortality compared to the much-touted low-fat diet — while consuming a high-carbohydrate diet is associated with an increased risk of dying early.

** Data from Professor Loren Cordain


On The Lighter Side…..

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