Deep in our bodies there is an unseen powerhouse of co-existing life that is an essential part of our well being
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In recent years, scientific research has studied the relationship that we have with the 100 Trillion microbes that live within our digestive system. In fact there are 10 times as many microbes in our bodies as there are human cells. It used to be thought that this was a "non-harmful coexistence", but it is now recognized that this is a necessary mutually beneficial relationship between our body and the microbes within our gastric system.

Our resident gut microbes are important partners for our overall health because they:

1 - Synthesize short-chain fatty acids from the fibre we ingest.
2 - Help to synthesize vitamin B and vitamin K.
3 - Metabolize bile acids, sterols and xenobiotics.
4 - Help our bodies to regulate inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

Optimizing Your Microbiome**

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** source - Dr Joseph Mercola Website

Your digestive system is at risk when you don't eat fiber
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On The Lighter Side…..
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