We need to be careful with the quality and source of light that we live with

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Humans have evolved under the daylight rays of the sun for 2.5 million years. Early on we also learned to use fire for cooking & night illumination. Recently, however, modern technology has devised fluorescent and now digital lighting that promises super efficiency and long life bulbs (tubes) to reduce our energy usage. This all sound so promising, but there are hidden dangers to our health with these light sources as they negatively affect our eyes and hormonal systems. In the 1960's, Dr. John Ott of Disney Studios documentary fame learned that plants would not properly germinate under regular artificial light as he tried to speed up the process while doing early time lapse photography & video. His research lead to the first insights as to the effect of artificial light to human health. Ott's 1973 book "Health and Light" was our first insight to the benefits of full spectrum light to replicate as closely as possible our suns visible light rays (In the 1970's I first purchased full spectrum fluorescent tubes for our office space at Hansen Tool Company in Vancouver Canada). Check out Dr. Ott's youtube video

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Recently the alarm has been raised on LED light and it's long term effects on human health. Check out this very informative interview with German Dr Wunsch and Dr Joseph Mercola.

Night Time Light Exposure - Not A Bright Idea - Report by Dr David Perlmutter

On The Lighter Side…..

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