Watch out !!……..not all fats & oils are good
Even though a high fat diet is the healthiest choice, danger lurks when choosing industrially modified non-traditional fats & oils. Modern day seed & vegetable oils are often solvent extracted and dangerously modified in processing such that they are chemically unstable and readily break down (especially when heated) to inflame our body parts and cause oxidation etc.

Dr Mark Hyman** - Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center For Functional Medicine discusses The Need for "Healthy Fat" in a very informative Youtube video.

Aug 26, 2018 - The Shocking Origins of Vegetable Oil - GARBAGE - Rendered report by Jason Fung based on the work of Nina Teicholz

For more details on the subject of why these seed oils are referred to as "liquid death" watch "Vegetable Oil - The Silent Killer", an interview of Dr Catherine Shanahan*** by Dave Asprey.

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Recent comprehensive quality chart from Dr Cate Shanahan on various fats & oils

NEW - Nov 3, 2019 - Omega-6 Apocalypse: From Heart Disease to Macular Degeneration - Presentation by Dr Chris A Knobbe at Ancestry Health Symposium 2019

The Most Used Vegetable Oil May Be Worse Than Sugar - Report on University of California Riverside Study

50 Years Late, The World Health Organization Declares War on Trans Fats - Report at

** Dr. Hyman is a practicing family physician, a ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field. He is the Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a medical editor of The Huffington Post, and was a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie and The Dr. Oz Show.

*** Dr. Cate Shanahan is a board certified Family Physician. She trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced in Hawaii for ten years where she studied ethnobotany and her healthiest patient’s culinary habits.


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