The Human body is a DC Voltage Storage Device
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It has long been known that the body runs on electrical/chemical energy

Body As Battery
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Check out article & Dr. Mercola's video interview with Dr. Jerry Tenant - How Body Voltage Dictates Health & Disease

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The Mineral Power For Your Body's Electrical Supply - by MIT Researcher - Dr Stephanie Seneff on YouTube

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Exclusion Zone (EZ Water) is structured as H2O3 as shown in the above picture. This is the evidence for water being the key medium for stored electrical charge throughout the body. This reserve for available electrons depends on the photo-electric energy of exposure to direct sunlight UHF rays and absorption from grounding to the earth.

Informative Youtube interview with Professor Gerald Pollack by Dave Asprey on the health subject: It's Not Liquid, It's Water

On The Lighter Side…..

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