EMF Radiation

ElectroMotive Force, known by the abbreviation "EMF"

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Why EMF Exposure is a Problem

We have long known that the human body is a sophisticated electromagnetic system. Our nervous system and our heart run on electricity, which explains why we can shock a dead heart into life using an electric shock machine called a defibrillator. Back in 1969, Dr. David Cohen, professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was able to detect the magnetic fields from the human heart and brain (
source). It is important to note, also, mitochondria and liver enzymes also operate based on electrical conductivity and light energy (source 1source 2). Naturally, we have evolved with the natural EMFs, i.e. that of the earth and the sun which synch with our healthy biological rhythms. Earth has its own magnetic field, which is why we can always use a compass to find the North Pole no matter where we are. Earth’s EMF is called the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz). The sun is a big source of natural EMFs, including visible light and UV radiation. Our own electromagnetic signals are very weak compared to the man-made EMFs. Exposure to man-made EMFs can interfere with the electromagnetic systems inside of our bodies. Particularly, the brain, the heart, and mitochondria can be particularly susceptible to EMF interference. In addition, because our own biology can get disrupted, EMF exposure can worsen inflammatory problems.

Apr 29, 2018 -
Interview with Canadian researcher, Dr Paul Heroux from McGill University by Dr Mercola on the biological effects of EMF
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EMF Controversy Exposed - Article & Interview with Dr. Devra Davis at Mercola.com

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Dr Martin Pall Interview - EMF exposure is a problem

Interview with Dr Martin Pall at Mercola.com - EMF Exposure Problems

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Keep Your Mobile Phone Away From Your Body
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On The Lighter Side…..

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