You may be curious as to why I am so passionate about the subject of nutrition as it applies to correcting the recent 39 years of poor advise.

Me - Left to Right: 2015 - 2006 - 2011

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Most of my life since the age of 10 has been spent gaining and losing weight with small successes and lots of frustration when trying to exercise and/or do low calorie diets. For much of my early years I was a normal weight kid eating home cooked meals that my Mom (farm girl from Saskatchewan) cooked in the traditional manner of her Austrian heritage. We lived in Maple Ridge, British Columbia on a mink farm and had a sizeable vegetable garden and raised our own sheep & chickens next door to my twin uncles property where we often enjoyed beef from their pastured (grass fed) Hereford cattle. Somewhere around 1960 when I was 9 years old our family had achieved some degree of affluence and we started eating more store bought processed food and treats such as soda pop, cheezies, chocolate bars, cookies and ice cream etc. By the age of 11 I weighed in at 167 lbs (with a height of under 5 ft) and was considered the fattest kid in grade 5 at school. The other kids were often not very kind to me as I received more than my share of fat jokes and bullying etc.

After 2+ years of living with this excess fat, I had the good fortune of being sent to live for 6 months with my uncle Fred, a bachelor farmer who lived in a small cottage with Miss Herbert (cook/housekeeper). In my new home there were very few store bought goodies because Miss Herbert made most everything from scratch. Yes, I missed the store bought goodies, but the home cooking was really good & healthy to compensate. Best of all was the near miraculous weight loss that transformed me back to normal weight (actually I was almost skinny). It was not until recent years that I finally connected the dots to understand why I had the weight reversal at age 13.

My weight remained mostly in check for the next few years as our economic circumstances were limited with my parents separation (probably a blessing in disguise). After I entered the adult workforce my weight started to pack on again, especially around the stomach. Often I tried to exercise and diet (low fat, less calories etc) to work it down. Thinking back over the years, I most always had to battle against weight gain and very often slid back into the overweight side of the scale. My weight swings continued for years until the day that I decided to find out what "Gluten Intolerance" was all about, as our daughter Shelby was recently diagnosed with this affliction.

I remember laying on the couch and Googling the words "gluten intolerance" and the result was a reference to the then new book "Wheat Belly" by Dr William Davis that was shooting up the charts on the New York Times Best Sellers List. After reading the first 30-40 pages of this book, I was off on the quest for more accurate nutrition knowledge in this adventure that is now 8+ years running.

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