Yes, there are a few nefarious characters and companies in this story of how our modern nutrition advise got so screwed up. Here are a few of the culprits:

Ancel B Keys
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Ancel B. Keys, biochem researcher and the infamous author of the now defunct "Lipid Hypothesis" that claimed arterial plaque was caused by eating saturated fat. His faulty study of dietary fat vs heart disease in 6 selected countries borders on criminal intent (in my opinion). It is hard to believe how this guy became the leading "diet expert" in his time, considering that he was not trained in nutrition science and had a background in oceanography (study of fish biology). Check out the details in this great video clip from Tom Naughton: Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Lies (excerpt from Fat Head Movie).

Modern Wheat
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1960's research and development of high yield wheat done in USA & Mexico resulted in turning a low quality food into a nightmare. Yes, we may have solved "world starvation", but when we examine the side effects, we'll be "paying the piper" for many years to come. The elimination of wheat from our diets is championed by experts such as Dr. William Davis and Dr Rodney Ford. Check out these references: Rodney Ford - TedxTalk , William Davis IHMC Talk

Sugar Industry
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Using devious tactics similar to the tobacco industry of yore, the sugar industry has been working to position sugar as a "healthy" food. The reality is sugar is likely the most dangerous product (in the amounts consumed today) you can put in your body. The fructose portion is only metabolized by the liver and ends up as internal fat coating your vital organs.

US Sugar Industry Paid Harvard Researchers to downplay the dangers of sugar and to blame fat & Cholesterol as the culprits for heart disease -Daily Mail Online (UK).

This 5th Estate CBC documentary "The Secrets of Sugar" is also very informative.

Sugar Industry Shills
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April 1, 2017 - In 1965 the Sugar Industry paid 2 Harvard scientists, Fred Stare & Mark Hegsted (in above picture) US$6,500 to twist the facts/evidence that sugar is dangerous to our health. Note that this story was published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), one of the most prestigious journals in North America. Check out the details in this report at

Glyphosates & Pesticides
Glyphosate Prof Don HuberMonsanto1

1st picture (above) is the statement from Professor Don Huber (Emeritus Prof of Botany & Plant Pathology) Purdue University.
In case you missed it: the international scientific community sent us two very loud wake-up calls recently. First, the UN World Health Organization’s prestigious International Agency for Research on Cancer released a consensus report that glyphosate (the chemical herbicide most used on conventional and genetically engineered food crops, also known as GMO's), the active ingredient in RoundUp, is a “probable carcinogen.” (click to see the report). A few days later, a team of international scientists based in New Zealand reported that widely available commercial formulations of RoundUp, 2,4-D and dicamba can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance in common disease-causing bacteria. In addition to these findings, there's a growing body of evidence on health impacts associated with exposure to glyphosate or RoundUp, such as endocrine disruption, organ damage and birth defects.

This web report & video with Stephanie Seneff on (also see the WHDT interview with Dr Seneff re autism link to glyphosate) details more on this problem.

June 18, 2016 - Delegation of independent scientists urge the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban Roundup (Monsanto's brand of glyphosate) as it is liked to Alzheimer's, cancer, obesity, autism and more. Check out more on this report at Huffington Post.

Seed Oils
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We now know that saturated fats and many monounsaturated fats are healthy sources of energy. Modern day seed oils are not so healthy. Seed oils are relatively new to human diets as they were launched only around 100 years ago with the invention of high pressure rolling mills. One of the early products in this genre was hydrogenated cottonseed oil made from the seed waste of the cotton industry. It was originally made and intended to be a lower cost substitute for beeswax, the solid fuel used in candles. With the invention of the electric lightbulb, sales declined rapidly and the product was repurposed as human food (without testing it to see if it was toxic!). Now we know better that these hydrogenated oils (better known as trans fats) are toxic and are being banned as the knowledge of their health dangers are better understood. Even plain seed oils such as safflower, sunflower, corn, sesame, peanut & soybean (not hydrogenated, but most often produced through solvent extraction) are dangerous as they are mostly composed of polyunsaturated oils that are pro-inflammatory to human bodies (especially arterial walls) and a probable base cause for arterial sclerosis. Great information on this subject in reports & books by nutritionist Dr. Mary Enig, Sally Fallon (presenting The Oiling Of America) and David Gillspie.

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
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Many years ago researchers figured out how to measure cholesterol levels in our blood. Around the same time, Ancel Keys fingered cholesterol (incorrectly) as the "cause" of arterial sclerosis (buildup of fats & cholesterol in arteries) as they were most often present when biopsies were done on patients who died from heart attacks. The fault of this logic was the same as blaming firemen for the cause of the fire, just because they were present when the building burned down. Unknown at that time was the fact that cholesterol is our bodies "repair tool" sent to repair the damage, in these cases the artery walls that became inflamed/damaged from other causes (such as smoking, high blood sugar, stress etc).
Pharmaceutical companies then took up the opportunity to create drugs (most often statins) to lower the cholesterol in order to fix the problem. This approach only made the problem worse, as research has shown us low cholesterol levels may lead to shorter lifespans (as recorded in the Framingham Heart Study, still running since 1948). In other words "people with the highest levels of cholesterol lived the longest"

Check out this very informative video by Dr David Diamond "Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research"

For more info, check out the book "Cholesterol Clarity" by authors Dr. Eric Westman and Jimmy Moore.

Statins not only lower cholesterol (a truly unnecessary thing to do for most people), they insidiously disrupt the production of needed hormone families that are derived from this basic "building-block-of-life". Researchers are just beginning to understand the negative chain reactions that low levels of cholesterol effects. For more information on this subject is in Dr Mercola's interview with Stephanie Seneff.


On The Lighter Side…..

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