Leading edge advocates of Low Carb High Fat:

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
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Andreas Eenfeldt is one of the key people who have championed the "Real Food" revolution. His website "www.dietdoctor.com" is the biggest health blog in Sweden (BTW - this is my personal favourite website on the subject of LCHF). He has a #1 best-selling book on nutrition that’s been translated to eight languages, including English. He may be partly responsible for a recent butter shortage in his home country, and one of his conference presentations on LCHF has been viewed approximately 680,000 times on YouTube.

Dr. David Ludwig
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Mar 6, 2016 Dr David Ludwig, Professor - Department of Nutrition, Harvard is well versed on the dangers of the low fat health dogma that we have been subjected to over the past 30-40 years. He is now one of the health warriors working on the forefront of the battle against sugars and processed carbohydrates. His new book, Always Hungry is a #1 New York Times Best Seller.

Dr Mark Hyman
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  • Aug 20, 2016 - Dr Mark Hyman, Medical Director - Cleveland Clinic - Center For Functional Medicine is a huge force for positive change in the way we understand how food can affect our wellbeing. Check out his message at his Dr Mark Hyman website . Also worthy of watching is Dr Mark's Youtube interview with Lewis Howes on the subject of "Eating Fat To Get Healthy".

Dr. William R Davis
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William R. Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologist and author of health books, most notably "Wheat Belly". This book became a New York Times bestseller within a month of publication in 2011. Davis says that all modern wheat, which he refers to as "Frankenwheat", is as toxic and as addictive as many drugs and makes people want to eat more food, especially junk foods. In an appearance on the The Doctor OZ TV Show he said, "The wheat of today is nothing like the wheat of 1960, 1950—that is, the wheat that our moms or grandmothers had—so it has been changed. This new crop has implications for human health that have never been anticipated. So this is appropriate for nobody, no human, nobody in this audience, should be eating this modern creation of genetics research. Dr Davis goes further in recommending the elimination (or at least reducing) the starches & sugars in our diets.

Dr. Eric C. Westman
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Dr Eric C. Westman MD MHS, Duke University, Durham NC, USA is well known for his clinical approach to the ketogenic (very low carb) approach to weight loss and metabolic disease. He was one of the early researchers of the Atkins Diet popularized by Bob Atkins in the 80's & 90's. Check out his youtube video: Duke University New Atkins Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Health.

Dr. Jay Wortman

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Dr. Jay Wortman (biography) is a Canadian doctor of Metis origin who is a key promoter of the LCHF diet regimen. His 3 part YouTube CBC Documentary "My Big Fat Diet" chronicles the First Nations people of Alert Bay, B.C. as they take up a 1 year challenge to correct their diet back to their ancestral roots. That diet consisted of high fat, moderate protein and low glycemic carbohydrates. Check out Dr Wortman's personal diet story too.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
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Dr. Joseph Mercola (check his bio) has the most visited Natural Health based website, "Mercola.com" is a very comprehensive source of the latest research health hacks. Dr. Joe delves into some of the more controversial wellbeing subjects such as EMF Radiation, LED Lighting Dangers & Pesticides in our food supply that you should check out in the mercola.com video section.

Dr Thomas Seyfried
Dr Thomas Seyfried is a researcher and professor based at Boston College in Massachusetts, USA. His work focuses on the latest science on the metabolic pathways that work to feed cancer growth and strategies to break the cycle using multiple approaches to minimize damage to the patient while maximizing cellular respiration away from fermentation (what happens when cells turn cancerous) and back to proper health with ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and other regimens. His work carries on the biochemistry work of Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg who discovered the fact that cancer cells revert to low energy fermentation to produce energy, even when there is sufficient oxygen available to provide more efficient energy at the cellular level.

Dr. Robert Lustig
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Dr. Robert H. Lustig is a pediatric (children up to 18 years) endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco where he is a professor of clinical pediatrics. His presentation "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" has been viewed close to 6 million times on YouTube.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra
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Dr. Aseem Malhotra (biography) is a leading UK cardiologist and consultant associate to Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. He has been particularly vocal on the dangers of carbs & sugars as well as the health benefits of quality saturated fats and real food (not processed). Check out his BizNews interview early 2015. He also discusses the benefits of eating whole fruit vs juiced fruit in this UK interview.

Professor Tim Noakes
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Tim Noakes is an internationally known professor of sport science at the University of Cape Town South Africa. He has run 70+ marathons and was the author of "Lore of Running" an early runners bible. His recent pivot away from advise on "carb loading" to "fuelling with fat" for long distance athletes has garnered attention around the world. I recommend watching Tim's video clip "Prof Tim Noakes Talks About Discovering The Forgotten Diet" (just over 1/2 way down the page at his realmealrevolution website). Also worth reading is Tim's interview with BizNews in early 2015.

Dr. Gary Fettke

Sept 30, 2018 - After 4 years of being under attack by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for recommending a low carbohydrate diet along with healthy fat therapies, DR. Gary Fettke has finally been cleared of any wrongdoing or misconduct. Check out the details at Foodmed.net

Nora Gedgaudas
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Nora Gedgaudas is a Board-Certified nutritional consultant and a Board-Certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist based in Portland, Oregon. Her book "Primal Body Primal Mind" is a spellbinding read. Check out her Ancestral Health Symposium presentation from 2012 at Harvard University.

Dr. Ron Rosedale
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Feb 12, 2017 - One of the early pioneers of LCHF diets (in the 1990's), Ron Rosedale was years ahead of the modern understanding of the health benefits of a "HIGH FAT DIET". Dr Rosedales understanding of the evolution for the rules of energy intake as it applies to life is a very worthwhile view. Check it out at "The Early Ancestral Connection Between Protein, Cancer, Aging and TOR"

Tom Naughton
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Tom Naughton is standup comedian, sit down writer and Low Carb pundit who speaks/writes in layman's terms. His comedic documentary movie "Fat Head" is a must watch.

Denise Minger
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Denis Minger wrote the book "Death By Food Pyramid", that contains so many highlights, so much good information, and gets so many things right, it is hard to review it without wanting to reproduce it. From the skewed science and agenda-driven government agencies to the confused and confusing experts and their contradictory and confounded studies and suggestions, page after page exposes the unfolding history of diet in the second half of the twentieth century in all its tragic madness and folly. Good interview with Denise at "Smash The Fat UK". More about Denise at her blog Raw Food SOS.

Dr. Thomas Dayspring
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Dr Thomas Dayspring is a Diplomate of both the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Clinical Lipidology. He is also a certified menopause practitioner by the North American Menopause Society. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - New Jersey Medical School. He practiced medicine in New Jersey for 36 years the last 17 years devoted to consulting patients with complex lipid disorders. Check out the Specialty Health interview with Dr Dayspring and Gary Taubes.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff
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MIT Senior Research Scientist, Dr Stephanie Seneff may have uncovered direct links of what makes Roundup (glyphosates) so toxic to humans. She also delves into the problem of medicating cholesterol levels with statin drugs. Check out her interview on Bullet Proof Radio with Dave Asprey.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
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Scottish doctor, Malcolm Kendrick is the author of "The Great Cholesterol Con" and blogger who sorts through the dietary/health mistruths that exist today. His entry on "What Happens To The Carbs" (unbelievably smart logic here) is a worthwhile read.

Dr. Christopher Gardner
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Christopher Gardner is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. His YouTube Video "The Battle of the Diets" details the results of his reluctant study on the best weight loss program. As a previous vegetarian, he says the results were a "tough pill to swallow".


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