Some of the prominent Low Carb High Fat adopters:

51 Celebrities That Follow Low Carb Diets
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Celebrities following Low Carb Story at 51 Scoops - Article by Sarah Scoop

People of the UK - Most Popular Diets in 2016

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Recent survey of 2000 people in the UK reveals that 45% are on low sugar/carb diets. Read the story at Diet Doctor website

Donel O'Neill
Donal Oneill1

Cereal Killers is the cult "real food" documentary featuring world famous sports scientist, Professor Tim Noakes MD as he guides one man through a 28 day, whole foods, high fat, sugar and wheat free diet, in a bid to prevent the heart disease and diabetes prevalent in his family - with remarkable results.In his bid to hack his genes and drop dead healthy, 41 year old Donal O'Neill spent 3 years researching the food and exercise protocol you will see in the movie. The resulting blend of pro fat, "sugar and wheat free" foods with a very specific exercise regime - confined to just 8 minutes maximal effort per week - meant no broadcaster would commission the highly controversial project.

Sami Inkinen & Meredith Loring
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The Sequel to the video "Cereal Killers - Don't Fear Fat", Run on Fat charts world class triathlete Sami Inkinen’s transition from pre-diabetic sugar burner to a faster, healthier, fat fueled endurance athlete under the guidance of New York Times bestselling author Dr Stephen Phinney. When Sami embarks on an epic anti sugar crusade with his wife Meredith – rowing 4,000 kms unsupported from California to Hawaii – their remarkable journey reveals the astonishing performance benefits and pitfalls of successful fat fueling strategies for athletic performance.

C.J. Hunt

C.J. Hunt was clinically dead from a heart attack while jogging at the age of 24. In his iTunes video documentary "The Perfect Human Diet", travel through time and around the world with CJ (as the host) as he embarks on an unprecedented global exploration to find a solution to the exploding epidemic of overweight, obesity and diet related disease. The Perfect Human Diet takes us on a 2-million year evolutionary journey, presenting first-time revelations from the emerging field of human dietary evolution. From excavations containing the remains of Neanderthals and early modern humans in Jonzac, France, to the bio-molecular anthropology analysis labs at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, we discover breakthrough scientific facts that could change the way we all think about food.

LeBron James

LeBron James said his dramatic summer weight loss was due to a low carb, ketogenic-style Paleo diet that eliminated sugar, dairy and almost all carbs. James, who has since regained some weight, said he followed his strict diet for 67 days as a test of his “mental fortitude” and willpower. “I had no sugar, no dairy, no carbs,” LeBron told Sports Illustrated. "All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days.” James said his diet consisted entirely of meat, fish, vegetables and low-sugar fruit. Click this link for more details:

Australia Cricket Team Coach & Players
Team physician Dr Peter Brukner discusses his success with the LCHF diet: Cricket Australia Youtube Video

LA Lakers

'From worse than pet food to actual food’. Dr. Cate Shanahan was watching Dwight Howard play for the Lakers last season, and she was frightened by what she saw. The Napa Valley doctor and nutritionist had no stake in whether Howard would re-sign with the Lakers; that was the least of her concerns. In conversations with the Lakers about spearheading a drastic change in their nutritional program for players, Shanahan believed she had the found the ultimate test subject in Howard. Check out the CBS Sports Video

Country of Sweden

A - 2013 report from Swedish website “” notes: This could be a historic day in Sweden. Today it became official. After over two years of work, a Swedish expert committee published their expert inquiry Dietary Treatment for Obesity (Google translated from Swedish). This report from SBU (Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment) is likely to be the basis for future dietary guidelines for obesity treatment within the Swedish health care system. The health care system has for a long time given general advice to avoid fat and calories. A low-carbohydrate diet (such as LCHF) has often been dismissed as a fad diet lacking scientific foundation. The time has now come to update knowledge in this area.

B - Sweden is one of the first countries to reject the "low fat diet" dogma. Check out Dr. Malcom Kendrick's report.

Country of South Korea
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  • Oct 2016 - A recent Korean documentary "Fat Under An Unfavorable Name" about people losing up to 198 lbs on LCHF diets. For more on this subject check out this story at Diet Doctor website


On The Lighter Side…..
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